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Co2 Fractional Laser

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Unlock the potential of next-generation skin rejuvenation with Co2 Fractional Laser. Designed for professionals, this state-of-the-art device merges cutting-edge technology with unparalleled precision, offering your clients transformative results. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and reliability, tailored for the discerning professional

Suitable For All Skin Types
Suitable For All Skin Types
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CO2 Laser : Precision Meets Perfection

Redefine beauty with every beam. Experience the precision of CO2 Laser—where clarity meets transformation!

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  • Power or RF: 800W
  • Frequency or RF: 2Mhz
  • Infrared laser Power: 20w
  • Infrared laser wavelength: 940nm
  • Ultrasound Power: 200W
  • Vacuum Intensity: 10-90Kpa
  • Dimensions: 532mm x 537mm x 1130mm
  • Weight: 50Kg
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Refine and Renew with CO2 Laser Resurfacing

This advanced technology offers precision targeting for various skin concerns, from wrinkles to scars. Its collagen-boosting power rejuvenates your skin, ensuring quick recovery and consistent results.


Targets skin imperfections with pinpoint accuracy.


Stimulates skin renewal for a youthful glow.


Faster healing with minimal downtime.


Tackles wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation evenly.

What do our customers say?
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The precision and effectiveness of this device have not only enhanced our skin rejuvenation treatments but also significantly boosted client satisfaction. Our clients are thrilled with the visible results, and we've seen a remarkable increase in repeat bookings. This laser is truly a cornerstone in modern skincare technology.

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