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Vascular Laser

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Upgrade your salon by incorporating the latest Advanced Vascular Laser technology for precision skin treatments. Redefine the skincare experience for your clients with this cutting-edge technology. ✨

100% legal and healthy for your body
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Get Advanced Vascular Laser - Top Precision & Price

Purchase our Advanced Vascular Laser for high precision skin care. Perfect for various skin issues, with proven results. Best price offer

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  • Laser Type: 980nm Diode Laser
  • Screen Size: 17-inch Color Touch Screen
  • Working Mode: CW / Pulse / Single
  • Input Power: 100W
  • Output Power: 30W
  • Spot Size: 1mm; 2mm; 3mm
  • Frequency: 1 ~ 5 Hz
  • Pulse Width: 20 – 100 ms
  • Duration: 0-1s
  • Red Light Indicator: 635nm
  • Red Light Power: 0-5V Adjustable
  • Cooling System/Power
  • Supply: Air / AC220V+10% 50HZ/AC
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Elevate Your Business with Vascular Laser

Discover the future of skin care. Our Advanced Vascular Laser brings unparalleled precision and results to your professional practice.

High-End Precision:

Advanced targeting for diverse skin conditions.

Efficiency Redefined:

Quick treatments with lasting results.

User-Friendly Design:

Effective against cellulite and skin sagging.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Invest in quality, reap the rewards.

What do our customers say?
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"Since incorporating the Advanced Vascular Laser into our salon services, we've seen a remarkable increase in client satisfaction and retention. Its precision and efficiency have not only improved our skin treatment offerings but also boosted our business reputation. Our clients love the quick, effective results, and we love how it's elevated our service quality. A game-changer for professional skincare!"

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Advanced Vascular Laser: The Pinnacle of Professional Skin Care Technology

Explore the Future of Skincare at hair removal device shop

The Advanced Vascular Laser, available at Laser Ontharen, represents the cutting-edge in skin treatment technology.

Designed for professionals, it harnesses a 980nm diode laser, ensuring deep penetration and targeted treatment for various skin issues like spider veins, couperose, and pigmentation.

Unmatched Precision and Comfort:

Our device guarantees not just precision but also maximum comfort for your clients.

The treatments are virtually painless, with minimal downtime, making them ideal for busy salons and clinics.

Equipped with an intuitive interface, the laser device is remarkably user-friendly.

Its efficient design allows for quick treatments, translating to more client appointments and increased revenue for your business.

Versatile and Cost-Effective:

A versatile tool in any skincare professional’s arsenal, the Advanced Vascular Laser is not only effective but also cost-efficient.

It’s an investment that pays off through enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty.

By incorporating this laser into your offerings, you elevate your salon or clinic to new heights.

Offer your clients the latest in skincare technology and watch your business grow.

Join the Elite:

At Laser Ontharen, we are committed to providing top-tier skincare solutions.

Our range of products, including the Advanced Vascular Laser, is tailored to meet the high standards of the beauty industry.

Visit us at Laser Ontharen to explore our full range of products and join the elite group of professionals revolutionizing skincare.

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