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EMS Sculpting

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Discover the art of body contouring with EMS Sculpting, where cutting-edge technology meets the simplicity of natural enhancement. Elevate your salon's offerings with a treatment that promises not only exceptional results for your clients but also a seamless and profitable addition to your services. Invest in innovation and expand your business's potential!

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Suitable For All Skin Types
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Refine Beauty Treatments with EMS Sculpting Technology

Upgrade your salon or clinic with the latest in body contouring innovation. EMS Sculpting Technology: where advanced science meets superior client satisfaction.

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  • Magnetic Wave (energy): 0-7 tesla
  • Voltage: 110-220V 56-60/Hz
  • Output Power: 4300W
  • Output Power: F1:1 – 10Hz , F2:1 – 100Hz
  • Mode: Model-I/Model-II/Model-III
  • Screen: 10.4 inch
  • Pulse Width: 300us
  • Treatment Handle: 4 handles
  • Machine Size: 1200mm x 420 mm x 550 mm
  • Package Size: 1210mm x 580mm x 815mm
  • Net Weight: 75Kg
  • Gross Weight: 105Kg
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Discover the future of body contouring

This advanced device offers a powerful combination of fat reduction and muscle enhancement. Whether it's targeting cellulite, refining scars, or tightening skin, EMS Sculpting delivers visible results in just four sessions.


Reduces fat and boosts muscle mass by 23% with radial shock waves.


Ideal for cellulite, scars, skin tightening, and post-cryolipolysis enhancement.


HIFEM technology for intense muscle contractions and advanced toning.


4 sessions over 2 weeks for visible improvements in 3 months.

What do our customers say?
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"Introducing EMS Sculpting at my clinic has been a fantastic decision. My clients are impressed with the visible muscle toning and overall body shaping. It's effective, non-invasive, and exactly what my clients are looking for."

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