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Beauty Services and Prices in Cologne

Cologne, a city celebrated for its cultural richness and historic beauty, emerges as a leading destination for advanced beauty treatments and services. Nestled in the heart of Germany, Cologne’s beauty landscape is vibrant and diverse, offering top-notch solutions for all your aesthetic desires.

From groundbreaking laser hair removal technologies to advanced acne treatments, the beauty clinics and stores across Cologne are fully equipped to meet your every need.

Whether you’re in pursuit of flawless skin through tattoo removal, seeking rejuvenation for a youthful glow, aiming to diminish the appearance of cellulite, erase scars, or even out skin tone, Cologne’s beauty sector stands ready to exceed your expectations with its excellence and variety.

Each service is meticulously designed to ensure utmost efficacy and safety, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and methods. Beyond mere treatments, Cologne’s beauty establishments also provide a plethora of professional-grade products for laser hair removal and more, offering you access to the finest options available.

Dive into Cologne’s beauty offerings, where every clinic and store opens a door to a world of enhanced beauty and confidence, inviting you on a journey to rediscover your best self.

Ultimate Guide to Beauty & Skincare

As we endeavor to deliver insightful answers to frequently asked questions, it’s important to highlight that specific treatments, especially those using laser technology and medical procedures, require the expertise of a specialized healthcare professional.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make well-informed choices about your beauty and cosmetic practices. Delve into a wide array of questions to gain clarity on selecting the perfect products, comprehending skincare components, and excelling in different beauty methods.

Whether you’re just starting out in the realm of beauty or you’re an experienced aficionado, we trust this collection of information will deepen your understanding and enhance your appreciation of the dynamic beauty and cosmetics industry. 

Laser Hair Removal Prices and Services in Cologne

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Cologne, renowned for its advanced and comprehensive beauty offerings, presents an extensive array of laser hair removal services to suit the unique requirements of each client.

Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, Cologne’s clinics offer safe and effective treatments aimed at permanently reducing unwanted hair.

These services feature various types of lasers, such as Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd: YAG lasers, each selected for their distinct advantages and suitability for different skin tones and hair colors.

Laser hair removal in Cologne is noted for its precision and the minimal discomfort clients experience during sessions.

The technique specifically targets the hair roots while preserving the surrounding skin, establishing it as a favored method for lasting hair reduction.

Appropriate for both men and women, this treatment can be applied to nearly any body area, including those that are particularly sensitive.

The necessary number of sessions varies depending on personal characteristics like hair color, texture, and the specific area being treated, with most individuals requiring between 4 to 12 sessions to achieve the best outcomes. 

Upper lip 49,00 €
Chin 49,00 €
Upper Lip + Chin 85,00 €
Complete face 99,00 €
Eyebrows 69,00 €
Throat 59,00 €
Neck 59,00 €
Armpits on both sides 79,00 €
Complete intimate area 109,00 €
Complete intimate area including buttock fold 149,00 €
Intimate area margins (Bikini-zone) 99,00 €
Upper arms 119,00 €
Forearms 119,00 €
Complete arms 199,00 €
Hands including fingers, both sides 69,00 €
Back (upper or lower back) 149,00 €
Complete back 199,00 €
Thigh 159,00 €
Lower leg 149,00 €
Complete legs 249,00 €
toes on both sides 59,00 €
Nipples (yard) 49,00 €
Ears 59,00 €
Shave (one body region) 10,00 €
IPL belly button 49,00 €
Complete face99,00 €
Eyebrows69,00 €
Beard area89,00 €
Sideburns49,00 €
Throat / neck59,00 €
Armpits on both sides89,00 €
Upper arms119,00 €
Forearms119,00 €
Complete arms199,00 €
Hand including fingers, both sides79,00 €
Complete breast109,00 €
Belly partially99,00 €
Breast and Belly199,00 €
Thigh159,00 €
Lower legs149,00 €
Whole legs249,00 €
Toes both sides59,00 €
Back partially149,00 €
Back completely199,00 €
Buttocks completely109,00 €
Buttocks completely including buttock fold149,00 €
Buttocks fold79,00 €
Intimate area completely including buttock fold149,00 €
Intimate area margins99,00 €
Ears59,00 €
Shave (one body region)10,00 €

In Cologne, clinics not only focus on technical excellence but also prioritize a client-oriented approach, ensuring a pleasant and supportive environment throughout the treatment process. Equipped with modern safety protocols, these clinics employ highly trained professionals to carry out the procedures, aiming for utmost client satisfaction.

The provided pricing information showcases both the accessibility and the variety of options available in Cologne, facilitating the planning of beauty investments for prospective clients.

For more detailed information and to explore the full range of laser hair removal services and prices in germany, you can visit clinics’ websites directly (

Acne Treatment Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne’s approach to acne treatment mirrors its reputation for diversity and innovation, providing a wide array of options for those afflicted by this prevalent skin issue.

The city’s clinics and dermatology centers utilize cutting-edge technologies and methods, ranging from conventional topical treatments to advanced laser therapies, to address acne at its core.

Designed to both address current breakouts and prevent future ones, these treatments aim for sustained skin health and increased self-confidence.

A favored treatment option in Cologne is the specialized acne lasers, like the N-Lite V3 laser, known for its effectiveness in enhancing the skin’s immune response, thus diminishing inflammation and thwarting new acne outbreaks.

Such laser therapies not only kill acne-causing bacteria but also promote collagen production and activate crucial immune system enzymes, leading to noticeable improvements often after just a single session.

Treatments are customized to individual needs, considering factors like acne severity and skin type, to maximize results while minimizing discomfort.

Typically, these treatments are recommended in a series of three sessions, spaced about four weeks apart, to achieve the best results. Patients often see significant improvements after the initial session, including less facial tension, reduced inflammation, and a marked decrease in acne.

Cologne’s dermatology clinics focus on patient care, offering thorough consultations to create personalized treatment plans that meet each individual’s unique needs and objectives. With a commitment to employing only the most sophisticated and effective technologies, coupled with the expertise of professional staff, Cologne is a top choice for advanced acne treatment solutions. 

Price List for Popular Acne Treatment Services:

  • Laser Acne Treatment:
    • Part of Face: from €180
    • Full Face: €350
    • Back: from €250

For detailed information and to explore more about the treatments available, you can contact the clinics directly to schedule a consultation and find the most suitable and individualized treatment plan for your needs.

Tattoo Removal Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne offers a comprehensive range of tattoo removal services, employing the most advanced laser technologies to efficiently and safely erase tattoos of all sizes, colors, and durations.

Clinics throughout Cologne are equipped with state-of-the-art lasers such as the Q-Switched Nd:YAG and PicoWay Lasers, which are celebrated for their ability to effectively break down tattoo pigments while preserving the surrounding skin.

The treatment sessions are typically quick, entail minimal downtime, and are tailored to accommodate various skin types and tattoo complexities.

The procedure begins with a consultation to evaluate the tattoo and develop a personalized treatment strategy.

The number of sessions required usually depends on the specific attributes of the tattoo, with intervals between sessions designed to allow the skin adequate time to recover.

Clinics provide essential aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing and results. Pain management techniques, including skin cooling and anesthetic creams, are available to enhance comfort during the procedure.

For those considering tattoo removal in Cologne, it is crucial to select a clinic that offers detailed consultations to fully understand the treatment process, anticipated outcomes, and the necessary post-treatment care.

It is also vital to confirm that the clinic utilizes the latest in laser technology to ensure both effective and safe tattoo removal.

Price List for Popular Tattoo Removal Services:

Size of TattooPrice Range (per session)
Up to 1×1 cm€99
Up to 2×2 cm€120
Up to 5×5 cm€140
Up to 5×10 cm€170
Up to 10×10 cm€200
Up to 10×20 cm€260

Note: Prices may vary based on the tattoo’s complexity, colors, and required sessions. A detailed consultation is recommended for an accurate cost estimate. Some clinics start their pricing from as low as €69 for individual sessions utilizing PicoWay Laser technology, which offers fast, precise, and gentle treatment for all skin types. 

Skin Rejuvenation Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne is at the forefront of advanced skin rejuvenation services, offering a range of treatments at various clinics designed to refresh the skin, minimize signs of aging, and enhance skin texture and tone.

Utilizing sophisticated technologies such as fractional CO2 lasers and various other laser types, these treatments address multiple skin issues, including wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and more.

Each client undergoes a thorough consultation to tailor treatments specifically to their skin needs, ensuring personalized care.

The recovery period is generally brief, allowing clients to resume their routine activities soon after treatment, with certain precautions recommended to maximize results.

Skin rejuvenation procedures in Cologne are well-regarded for their ability to significantly enhance the skin’s appearance, making them a favored option for those looking for non-surgical methods to attain a younger and more vibrant complexion.

These treatments are designed to boost collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin over time. Clients often observe progressive improvements, with the full benefits becoming apparent a few weeks after treatment.

For more specific information and to explore the complete range of skin rejuvenation services available in Cologne, contacting local clinics directly is advisable.

This also provides an opportunity to inquire about any current promotions or packages, ensuring you get the most value out of the treatments you choose.

Price List for Popular Skin Rejuvenation Services:

ServicePrice Range
Fractional CO2 Laser TreatmentStarts from €300*
ConsultationVaries, with some clinics offering free initial consultations

*Note: The prices can vary based on the specific treatment required, the area being treated, and the pricing policies of individual clinics. It is highly recommended to undergo a detailed consultation to receive an accurate price estimate tailored to your needs.

Cologne’s clinics utilize a variety of advanced methods for skin rejuvenation, focusing on personalized care and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results. Whether you are seeking solutions for particular skin concerns or simply aiming to rejuvenate your overall appearance, Cologne offers a wide array of options to accommodate your rejuvenation needs.

Anti-Aging Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne is renowned as a top destination for anti-aging treatments, with a wide array of services designed to mitigate the signs of aging and enhance skin vitality.

The clinics in Cologne are equipped with the latest developments in dermatological technology, offering everything from collagen facials and hydrating treatments to advanced procedures like microdermabrasion and light therapy facials.

These treatments aim to rejuvenate the skin by enhancing its volume, elasticity, and firmness, improving complexion, and boosting collagen production for a smoother, more youthful look.

Collagen facials are particularly popular, known for restoring the skin’s firmness and incorporating elements like retinoids and vitamins C and E to advance skin rejuvenation.

Exfoliating facials focus on removing dead skin cells to promote a healthier, more balanced skin texture, whereas hydrating facials are designed to deeply moisturize the skin with hydration-rich ingredients.

Light therapy facials utilize LED lights to encourage cellular renewal and collagen production, effectively diminishing age spots and enhancing skin smoothness.

Microdermabrasion provides a deeper exfoliation, helping to lessen the visibility of fine lines, pigmentation, and roughness in the skin.

Cologne’s anti-aging clinics are distinguished by their expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and a strong commitment to patient satisfaction, making the city a preferred choice for individuals aiming to maintain a youthful appearance and improve skin health.

Price List for Popular Anti-Aging Services in Cologne

Due to the customized nature of anti-aging treatments and the variation in individual requirements, specifying exact prices without a personal consultation can be challenging. However, general dermatological consultations in Cologne can start from as low as €1, with targeted treatments such as hyperpigmentation beginning at €6, and more comprehensive procedures like mesotherapy starting from €20. Advanced treatments like microdermabrasion and specific facial treatments may vary in cost depending on the clinic and the extent of treatment needed.

It is essential to consult with a dermatologist or anti-aging specialist to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your skin type and aging concerns. They will offer a personalized approach that takes into account your specific skin condition, lifestyle factors, and desired results, ensuring you receive the most effective and tailored care.

For detailed information on anti-aging treatments, including more specific services and pricing, contacting clinics directly is recommended. This also provides an opportunity to ask about any current promotions or packages that could offer additional value.

Cellulite Treatment Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne provides a variety of cellulite treatment options for those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve smoother, more toned skin.

Equipped with the latest in cosmetic and dermatological technologies, clinics in Cologne offer a range of treatments including laser therapies, massage techniques, and other non-invasive methods aimed at targeting cellulite directly.

These procedures are designed to enhance skin texture, elasticity, and overall aesthetics, presenting an effective solution to the persistent and often unwanted dimpling that typically appears on thighs, buttocks, and other areas.

Treatments are customized based on individual skin types and the severity of cellulite, ensuring personalized and effective care.

The range of treatment options includes traditional methods as well as cutting-edge technologies, such as acoustic wave therapy, which utilizes sound waves to break up cellulite, and laser treatments that aim to liquefy fat cells while boosting collagen production for a smoother skin surface.

It is recommended that patients consult with specialists for a comprehensive evaluation to identify the most appropriate treatment strategy for their specific cellulite issues.

Recovery times can vary depending on the selected treatment, but most procedures allow patients to quickly resume their daily activities. 

Price List for Popular Cellulite Treatment Services:

For cellulite treatments in Cologne, the options vary widely in terms of techniques and pricing, reflecting the diverse approaches available across different clinics. While specific prices are difficult to pinpoint without individual consultations due to the personalized nature of treatments, here’s an overview based on general market rates in Germany:

  • Basic Treatments: Start at approximately €163, offering entry-level solutions for cellulite reduction.
  • Advanced Therapies: More sophisticated treatments like radiofrequency and laser therapies can be significantly higher, typically requiring multiple sessions for best results.

Many clinics in Cologne adopt innovative methods such as acoustic wave therapy, radiofrequency, and laser treatments, which are designed to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of cellulite. These treatments are often administered in a series of sessions, with the number and frequency dependent on individual needs and the severity of cellulite.

Scar Removal Prices and Services in Cologne

Cologne’s medical aesthetics clinics provide a wide array of scar removal treatments to accommodate the varied needs of individuals looking to minimize the visibility of scars.

Options range from non-invasive treatments like medicated creams, gels, and silicone sheets to more advanced procedures such as laser therapy, cryotherapy, and surgical scar revision.

Laser therapy is notably favored for its efficacy in treating different types of scars, including those resulting from acne, surgical procedures, and injuries. This method functions by eliminating scar tissue and promoting collagen production, which facilitates the regeneration of healthy skin in place of the scarred tissue.

While complete scar removal cannot always be guaranteed, particularly with large or old scars, substantial improvements are typically achievable, significantly reducing the noticeability of scars.

For individuals interested in pursuing scar removal treatments in Cologne, it is advisable to consult directly with a clinic to obtain a personalized treatment plan and an accurate cost estimate.

Laser therapy and other advanced treatments provide a promising avenue for diminishing scar visibility, thereby enhancing both the skin’s appearance and the individual’s overall quality of life.

Price List for Popular Scar Removal Services in Cologne 

ServicePrice Range
Laser Scar Removal SessionStarts from €400

It is important to note that the number of sessions required and the overall success of scar removal treatments can vary significantly depending on the scar’s size, type, and age. Treatments are customarily tailored to each individual’s unique needs, and consulting with a specialist is essential for determining the most effective treatment plan. Some clinics in Cologne utilize advanced technology such as the Alma Harmony XL Pro laser, which is renowned for its versatility and effectiveness in treating various skin conditions, including scars.

For more detailed information on scar removal services in Cologne, including the types of procedures available and what to expect from treatment, contacting the clinics directly is advisable. This approach ensures you receive the most current and relevant information tailored to your specific concerns.

Skin Pigmentation Prices and Services in Cologne

In Cologne, skin pigmentation treatments are increasingly popular, providing cutting-edge solutions for those looking to correct uneven skin tones, age spots, and other pigment-related issues.

Clinics in Cologne utilize a variety of advanced technologies, such as the Harmony Laser and Hyperpulse methods, which are specifically tailored to effectively address different pigmentation conditions.

These treatments typically involve targeting the pigmented areas with intense light that converts to heat, breaking down the unwanted pigment. The body’s lymphatic system then naturally expels these fragments.

The procedures are minimally invasive and generally cause little to no discomfort, with many treatments being nearly painless.

Following treatment, patients may experience immediate redness, which usually subsides within a few hours. The treated area may take up to two weeks to clear fully.

It is recommended to avoid pigmentation treatments during the summer months to prevent complications related to sun exposure.

For those considering skin pigmentation treatment in Cologne, it is wise to contact clinics directly for a comprehensive consultation. This will help explore the most suitable treatment options and provide a tailored quote based on individual needs and desired outcomes. 

Price List for Popular Skin Pigmentation Services in Cologne

Treatment AreaPrice (Starting From)
Isolated Pigments€50

A session for skin pigmentation treatment can be as brief as 10 minutes, with a recovery phase lasting about 5 days. Minor side effects like redness or swelling can usually be concealed with makeup shortly after the procedure. The results of these treatments are long-lasting, aiding in achieving a flawless and more uniform skin complexion.

It is crucial for patients to consult with a specialist to determine the most effective treatment plan tailored to their specific skin type and pigmentation issues. Clinics in Cologne, similar to Perfect Skin Berlin, boast years of specialized experience in treating pigment disorders and use modern techniques to ensure optimal results for their patients.

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