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The Most Famous Beauty Schools in Germany

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1. Kosmetikschule Schäfer

Name: Kosmetikschule Schäfer
City: The school is located in Hessen, Germany.
President: The current leader of the school is Barbara Schäfer.
Founded: The school was established in 1953 by Barbara Schäfer.
Courses Offered:

  • Cosmetology: Comprehensive training including makeup, skincare, and body care.
  • Nail Care: Techniques in manicures and pedicures, including hygiene.
  • Wellness and Spa: Training in various massage techniques and wellness therapies.
  • Permanent Makeup: Techniques in long-lasting cosmetic applications.
  • Hygiene Management: Essential health and safety practices in cosmetology.

Official Website: Kosmetikschule Schäfer

2. Deutsche POP Akademie für Kosmetik und Wellness a related image to The Most Famous Beauty Schools in Germany - closed 1

Name: Deutsche POP Akademie
City: Multiple locations in Germany
CEO: Currently, there is no available information about the CEO due to the closure of the institution.
Official Website: The official website is no longer operational due to insolvency.

Unfortunately, the Deutsche POP Akademie für Kosmetik und Wellness is no longer operational and hence cannot provide any courses at this time.

3. Kosmetikschule Susanne Gehringer

Name: Kosmetikschule Susanne Gehringer
Location: Frankfurt, Germany (conveniently situated near the Konstablerwache U-Bahn station)
CEO: The school was founded by Norbert Engler in 1975.
Courses Offered:

    • State-Certified Cosmetician (Vollzeit): A full-time program lasting approximately 12 months.
    • Specialized Cosmetician (Teilzeit): A part-time program offered either over approximately 6 months or on Saturdays for 12 months.

Official Website: Kosmetikschule Susanne Gehringer.

4. Bellezza Kosmetikschule

Name: Bellessa-Academy
Location: Herford, Germany
Courses Offered:

  • State-Certified Cosmetician (Vollzeit): A full-time program lasting approximately 12 months.
  • Specialized Cosmetician (Teilzeit): A part-time program offered either over approximately 6 months or on Saturdays for 12 months.

Official WebsiteBellessa-Academy.

**For more detailed information, you might want to directly contact the institution

5. Schönheitschule Esthetic Academy

Name: Schönheitschule Esthetic Academy
Location: The institute is based in Berlin, specifically at Almstadtstr. 9, 10119 Berlin.
CEO: The founder and CEO of the academy is Cecilia Bourgueil.
Year Founded: The academy was established in 2010.
Courses Offered:

    • 6-month Hair & Make-Up Pro Course
    • 4-week Make-Up Course
    • 4-week Hairstyling Course
    • 10-week Hair & Make-Up Perfect Skill Course
    • 12-week Hair & Make-Up Intensive Course.

Official Website: Creative Beauty Company.

6. Visagistenschule Maske Berlin

Name: Visagistenschule Maske Berlin
Location: The school is situated in Berlin.
CEO: The CEO and founder of the school is Hasso von Hugo.
Year Founded: The institute was established in 1990.
Courses Offered:

    • Make-Up Artist Training: This program provides a solid foundation for aspiring make-up artists. Students learn various techniques for creating stunning looks, from natural to avant-garde.
    • Visagist Training: The course focuses on visagism, which involves analyzing facial features and choosing appropriate makeup styles to enhance individual beauty.
    • Special Effects (SFX) Makeup: Students delve into the world of special effects, learning how to create wounds, scars, and other realistic effects using makeup and prosthetics.
    • Hair Styling: The school also covers hair styling, including techniques for creating different hairstyles and working with wigs and hairpieces.

Official Website: You can find more information on their official website: Hasso von Hugo Maskenbildnerschule.

Telephone: 030-761 900 51

7. Elite Beauty School

Name: Elite School of Beauty & Spa
City: The school operates in multiple cities including Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Wellington.
CEO: The specific CEO or leader is not mentioned, but the school is part of Yoobee Colleges Limited.
Founded: Details on the exact founding year were not available.
Courses Offered:

  • Makeup & Skincare Level 3
  • Beauty & Body Essentials Level 4
  • Professional Face, Body & Spa Therapies Level 5
  • The Essentials Collection Level 3 & 4
  • The Body & Spa Collection Level 4 & 5
  • The Complete Beauty Collection Level 3, 4 & 5 These courses cover a broad spectrum of skills from basic beauty and skincare to advanced spa and body therapies.

Official Website: You can find more about their courses and campuses on their official website.

8. Schule für Kosmetik Heidelberg

Name: BABOR INSTITUT Heidelberg
City: Heidelberg, Germany
CEO: Specific leadership details were not provided on the website.
Founded: The founding year was not specified.
Courses Offered:

  • Basic to advanced skincare treatments.
  • Special treatments including HydraFacial.
  • Custom beauty enhancements like peeling and massages.

Official Website: BABOR INSTITUT Heidelberg

This institute provides a range of aesthetic treatments and seems to be well-regarded in the community, with an emphasis on advanced skincare solutions.

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