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The Most Famous Beauty Schools in Netherlands

Beauty School in netherlands

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1. Dutch Beauty Academy

Name: Dutch Beauty Academy
CEO: The current CEO’s information is not readily available.
Founded: There is no specific founding year mentioned in the available sources.
Courses Offered:

  • The Ultimate Make-Up Essentials: Focuses on fundamental techniques and skills.
  • Bridal Beauty Mastery: Specializes in creating bridal makeup looks.
  • Fashion Forward Artistry: Explores avant-garde makeup styles.
  • The Complete Make-Up Experience: Combines bridal and high-fashion makeup techniques.

Official Website: Dutch Beauty Academy

2. ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College Zuid

Name: ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College Zuid
City: Located in Amsterdam, the college is part of the vibrant Zuidas district, a hub for cultural and creative industries.
CEO/President: Detailed information about the current CEO or president is not explicitly mentioned, but operational direction is provided by figures like Christiane Estourgie, indicating a management structure focused on integrating educational goals with local business and cultural initiatives.
Founded: The specific founding year isn’t mentioned, but the college is part of the broader ROC van Amsterdam network which has been a significant educational presence in the region.
Courses Offered:

  • Creative and Cultural Industries: Including dance, music, theater, and visual arts among others.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship: Courses designed to integrate core business skills with creative industry demands.
  • Legal, Marketing, and Communication: Focused on providing the skills needed in these dynamic sectors.
  • Fashion and Beauty: Tailored to those interested in the aesthetic aspects of creative industries.
  • Sport, Tourism, and Recreation: Preparing students for roles in these active fields.
  • Unique Programs: Such as those at the Johan Cruyff College and College De Toekomst for top athletes, offering specialized paths that align with students’ careers in sports.
    Official Website: ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College Zuid

3. Wellness Academie

Name: Wellness Academie
Cities: The Wellness Academie operates in multiple locations across the Netherlands including Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, Gent, Hasselt, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.
Courses Offered: The Wellness Academie offers a range of health, wellness, beauty and personal care training courses.

4. Mieke Petiet School for Beauty, Hair & Wellness

Name: Mieke Petiet School for Beauty, Hair & Wellness
City: Located in Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands.
Courses Offered:

  • Make-up Artist: Focuses on reading facial features and applying makeup to enhance natural beauty.
  • Hairstyling: Likely included as part of their broader beauty and wellness education.
  • Nail Stylist: Suggested by the mention of varied beauty courses.

Official Website: Mieke Petiet School

The school specializes in professional makeup artistry, emphasizing a personalized approach to enhancing individual beauty through detailed facial analysis and makeup application techniques.

5. ROC Mondriaan – School voor Uiterlijke Verzorging

Name: ROC Mondriaan – School voor Uiterlijke Verzorging
City: The Hague, Netherlands
Founded: The ROC Mondriaan, as an institution, offers a wide range of educational programs but the specific founding year of this school branch isn’t mentioned.
Courses Offered: The school provides a comprehensive curriculum focused on beauty, hair, and fashion. Some of the specific programs include:

  • Haarverzorging (Hair Care): Training for various roles in hairdressing.
  • Kapper (Hairdresser): Basic level training for hairdressers.
  • Haarstylist dame/heer (Hair Stylist for women/men): More advanced hairstyling courses.
  • Salonmanager dame/heer (Salon Manager for women/men): Management level training in salon operations.
  • Fashion-related courses: Including Fashion Retailer, Fashion Designer, and Fashion Product Coordinator.
  • Schoonheidsverzorging (Beauty Care): Courses for becoming a schoonheidsspecialist, focusing on skincare and beauty treatments.

Official Website: ROC Mondriaan

The school aims to develop students’ abilities to work with people and products effectively in the beauty and fashion industry.

It emphasizes practical skills along with theoretical knowledge, preparing students for careers in this dynamic field.

The courses are designed to keep up with the latest trends and industry standards, ensuring that students receive a relevant and robust education​

6. ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College West

Name: ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College West
City: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded: The founding year for MBO College West is not explicitly mentioned, but it is part of the ROC van Amsterdam network which has been a significant educational presence in the region.
Courses Offered: MBO College West offers a variety of courses primarily focused on the sectors of Zorg & Welzijn (Care & Welfare).
Some highlighted programs include training for dental assistants, pharmaceutical assistants, caregivers, pedagogical workers, and nurses.
The college is known for its practical approach, with modern facilities and collaborations with local healthcare institutions like Cordaan and the OLVG hospital.

Official Website: ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College West

MBO College West is particularly noted for its well-equipped facilities and strong connections with local healthcare providers, which enhance the practical learning experience for students.

It is located in a modern building in the Laan van Spartaan area, just outside Amsterdam’s ring road A10, making it accessible and well-suited for students interested in health and social care professions.

7. Cosmo Beauty College

Name: Cosmo Beauty College
City: Sacramento, California
Founded: January 2007
Courses Offered:

  • Cosmetology: A comprehensive program covering all aspects of cosmetology.
  • Esthetics: Focused on skincare, treatments, and beauty technologies.
  • Manicuring: Covers nail care, design, and manicure techniques.
    Official Website: Cosmo Beauty College

Cosmo Beauty College in Sacramento offers an educational experience that combines practical skills with theoretical knowledge in cosmetology, esthetics, and manicuring.

The college prepares students for the beauty industry’s demands, emphasizing state-of-the-art equipment and experienced educators.

The programs aim to equip students with the necessary skills to pass the California State Board’s examinations and to excel in their chosen careers.

8. Beauty Academy Eye For You

Name: Beauty Academy Eye For You
Courses Offered: The academy offers detailed beauty courses, focusing on skills development in a professional setting, with attention to small group dynamics to ensure personalized training.

Official Website: Beauty Academy Eye For You

This academy emphasizes professional beauty training with an “eye for detail,” suitable for those looking to advance in various beauty disciplines.

9. Jolange Opleidingen

Name: Jolange Opleidingen
Courses Offered:

  • Wellness
  • Hair
  • Beauty
  • The institution is known for its practical focus with 95% practical hours, small groups, and professional instructors. They use the latest teaching methods and materials and provide the opportunity to join various professional associations like ANKO, ProVoet, and ANBOS.

Official Website: Jolange Opleidingen

Jolange Opleidingen is recognized for its comprehensive educational approach in the fields of wellness, hair, and beauty, focusing on intensive practical training.

The academy also offers its students flexibility in learning pace, which allows for an individualized and efficient educational experience.

10. ROC van Amsterdam – MBO College Amstelland

Name: MBO College Amstelland
City: Amstelveen, Netherlands
Courses Offered: MBO College Amstelland offers a variety of programs primarily at the vocational level 4, which are designed to facilitate the transition to higher education or direct entry into the workforce.
The fields of study include Business Administration, Legal, Insurance & HR Services, Marketing & Communication, and more.

Official Website: MBO College Amstelland

MBO College Amstelland provides a robust learning environment with a strong emphasis on preparing students for higher education and future careers.

The college is well-equipped and offers programs that are closely aligned with industry requirements, ensuring that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical experience through internships and other hands-on opportunities.

Located in a region with numerous international businesses, the college also provides opportunities for students to gain global exposure.

11. NHA Thuisstudies – Visagie en Beauty Consultant

Name: NHA Thuisstudies – Visagie en Beauty Consultant
Location: The course is offered online and can be followed from anywhere in the Netherlands.
Courses Offered: The Visagie course covers topics such as makeup techniques, skincare, face analysis, color theory, hair styling, and more, aimed at preparing students for a career as makeup artists. The course includes practical days and a materials kit.
Founded: Specific founding details about NHA Thuisstudies are not provided.
CEO/President: CEO information is not specified.

Official Website: NHA Thuisstudies

This course is designed for those aspiring to become professional makeup artists, offering both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to ensure a comprehensive learning journey.

12. Esthetica Opleidingen

Name: Esthetica Opleidingen
City: Breda, Netherlands
CEO/President: Not specified
Founded: Since 1971
Courses Offered:

  • Pedicure
  • Medisch Pedicure
  • Nagelstyling
  • Schoonheidsspecialiste
  • Various Specializations: Acne, Bindweefselmassage, Camouflage, Chemische Peelings, Microneedling, etc.
  • Workshops: Include practical skills like waxing, make-up application, and more.

Official Website: Esthetica Opleidingen

Esthetica Opleidingen offers a wide range of beauty-related courses and workshops aimed at both beginners and professionals looking to enhance their skills.

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